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EcoAccess Shipping/Pickup Policy

1. Eligibility Verification

Customers are required to submit necessary documents via our website to verify their eligibility for receiving low cost or free computers. The verification process is integral to our mission of providing essential technology to those in need.

2. Purchase

Once eligibility is confirmed, customers can proceed to purchase a computer. The cost of the computer will be determined based on the customer's eligibility status.

3. Pickup or Delivery Options

After the purchase, customers have the option to either pick up the computer from the EcoAccess headquarters or opt for a delivery to their location. Shipping prices are included in the listed computer prices, if applicable. Orders may be shipping throughout the week within two full business days of order to a week, contingent upon the computer's quality. We Care Act volunteers may be dispatched to complete deliveries.

  • Pickup: Customers choosing to pick up their computer will be provided with a pickup date and time. Please note that customers may be subject to a pickup fee. However, EcoAccess retains the right to waive this fee at our discretion.
  • Delivery: Customers who prefer delivery will have their computer shipped to their location. Shipping fees may apply, but EcoAccess reserves the right to offer free shipping at our discretion.

4. Privacy Policy

EcoAccess is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. The addresses provided by the recipient, donor, and our organization will not be disclosed to any third parties. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

5. Returns and Refunds

If you are experiencing any technical issues with your computer, please contact us immediately and we will try our best to accommodate your needs. All computers purchased are subject to technological support, a refund, or a replacement. Computers

6. Support

If you encounter any issues with your computer, please contact our support team. We are here to help ensure that the technology we provide is beneficial and functional.