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Operations Staff Application

Application for EcoAccess's operations team. Members will not be required to spend more than 4 hours a week and you will have the opportunity to work alongside other members in our fundraising team.

Position responsibilities include:

  • Coming up with a list of 5 fundraising ideas each month
  • Coordinating with marketing team to disclose fundraiser events
  • Assisting the fundraising director with planning fundraisers
  • Finding/contacting different organizations to receive donation from
  • Working closely/collaborating with executives and team members
  • Attending biweekly committee meetings
  • Coordinating with or reaching out to professionals in the real world to ensure the best experience for our volunteers at public events
  • Planning and managing event services such as merchandise, venues, transportation, and registration
  • Creating event planning timelines

No prior experience is required. All grade levels are welcome to apply!

Email for any questions.